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letter from Syria

Woman's Work

A young woman shares her experience as being a freelancer-journalist in Syria, during a short stay in Istanbul. The action takes place during the summer 2013, before the conflict was covered by the media.

Woman's Work

short movie about first periods

short animation movie about love feelings

A L... Letter

co-directed with Juliette Chenais


Part1 / Black & white pictures

A past time in Ayiti

Part2 / Color pictures

Past time in Ayiti

En concert à la Mano

Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine

au Divan du Monde


Standing fighting

NOEMI - Video Clip


From the album - Les pays Humides


Greece: democracy wanted

Monochromes from south Asia

Chromatics roads

Brute Minou Woman's Work A L... Letter A past time in Ayiti Past time in Ayiti Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine Mell Standing fighting Hippocampe Greece: democracy wanted Chromatics roads