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Emotions & philosophie autour du déplacement à Ouagadougou


Standing fighting

NOEMI - Video Clip


From the album - Les pays Humides


Collectif " Les morts de la rue"

Tribute to people dead in the street

letter from Syria

Woman's Work

A young woman shares her experience as being a freelancer-journalist in Syria, during a short stay in Istanbul. The action takes place during the summer 2013, before the conflict was covered by the media.

Woman's Work

short animation movie about love feelings

A L... Letter

co-directed with Juliette Chenais


Greece: democracy wanted

short movie about first periods

Short interviews about

human paradoxe

Monochromes from south Asia

Chromatics roads

Street photography


A day with Loïc and Marion

Juniors oysters farmers

step by step


Standing fighting Hippocampe Tribute to people dead in the street Woman's Work A L... Letter Greece: democracy wanted human paradoxe Chromatics roads Asie Juniors oysters farmers Landscapes